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How to Prepare a Room to Be Painted

August 15, 2016

You’ve decided that it’s time to give one of the rooms in your home an update! When you make the choice to have a room in your home painted, be sure to call Northern Colorado's house painting professionals at Horner Painting — we serve folks in Loveland, Fort Collins, and across the Front Range. However, make sure you’ve done the following before we arrive and set up our supplies to transform your home:

Take Out the Furniture

While you might think this goes without saying, you would be surprised! Even if you aren’t worried about a little paint on your old, spare dresser, our team could still trip over your furniture and have a hard time reaching the walls that we need to. You may want to consider moving the furniture to another room in your home or a storage unit instead of the hallway. We don’t want to run into it on accident and damage anything! If you have an item that is too large to fit through the doorway or is too heavy to move, consider putting plastic over it to keep it protected.

Protect the Floors


We can handle this one! We know you care about your carpet and hardwood flooring, which is why our house painting team is always sure to protect the floor before we begin. You can expect the flooring to be fully covered so that even if paint drips, your floor will be protected.

Take Down Wall Art

When we show up at your door ready to paint, we want you to be just as prepared! Try to take down all wall art and decorations before we arrive. We know some of your art is precious and fragile, so consider wrapping it in bubble wrap and placing your favorite pieces out of harm’s way while people are going in and out of the room. Also, if there is any chance that you will want to rearrange the art you had before, don’t forget to remove the nails and fill in the holes with spackle before painting. Be sure to let it dry before we arrive!

Remove Outlet Covers and Light Switch Plates

Have you ever taken off an outlet cover or light switch plate to see a crazy pop of color underneath? This can happen when people cut corners! Be sure to take these down before we arrive in order to save time. If you have children, be sure to buy plastic plugs to keep the area safe. As soon as the paint is dry, you can put the outlet covers back into the wall.

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You love your home, and we can understand why. This is where you spend your leisure time with those you love most! That’s why we at Horner Painting are passionate about giving you a finished product that you can be proud to show off to your friends and family. When you need house painting for your Northern Colorado home, whether it be inside or outside, be sure to give us a call! Our team of professionals is ready to handle any painting task you need accomplished with the utmost precision and courtesy. Call now to learn more and get a free estimate for your upcoming paint job!

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