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Is It a Good Idea to Paint the Ceiling?

December 28, 2022

Painting your home’s interior is a relatively easy and effective way to instantly update your space. If you’ve been considering painting one or more rooms in your house, you’ve probably given a lot of thought as to which colors to choose. Do you like your current color and just want to make it look cleaner and brighter? Or, do you want to give your interior a completely new look? Whatever you decide, just make sure not to forget the ceiling!

For many homeowners, the ceiling is just an afterthought, a necessity. But, the color and sheen you choose can have a dramatic effect on the overall look of a room. Not sure which paint to use or which color to pick? The following are helpful answers to some of the most common questions we hear with regard to painting a ceiling.   

Should You Paint the Ceiling the Same Color as the Walls?

The one thing that just about everyone wants to know is whether or not they should paint the ceiling the same color as the walls. Unfortunately, there’s no one right answer to this question. There are pros and cons of painting the walls and ceiling all one color so you’ll have to decide which option is right for you and the design and mood you’re trying to accomplish.

Painting the ceiling the same color as the walls is a popular choice for those who want to save time and money. You can do it quickly since you won’t have to worry about taping off areas or switching colors. You also won’t have to buy an additional can of paint that you probably won’t use completely.

Choosing the monochromatic look can help your room look bigger – depending on the color you choose. Light, neutral colors are best for this. If you’re choosing a bold, dramatic color, you might want to think twice before taking it up to the ceiling as it could be a bit overwhelming and make the room feel smaller.

Another popular choice is to paint the ceiling flat white. This can add more definition to a room and brighten the space. Flat white is also better at hiding imperfections compared to using the same satin or eggshell used on your walls. 

Should You Paint the Ceiling or Walls First?

When completing any paint job it’s best to always start from top to bottom. This way, you can avoid overspray and dripping paint from getting on the walls you’ve already painted. As far as which type of paint to use, unless you’re painting your ceiling the same color as the walls, you should opt for paint with a flat or matte finish.

Flat or matte paint is ideal for ceilings because it hides imperfections well, doesn’t reflect light, and provides a smooth, even finish.  

Why Hiring an Interior Painter is a Good Idea

Many people enjoy taking on DIY projects around the house, but painting your ceiling is one task you might want to think twice about. First, there’s the issue of safety. Anytime you’re on a ladder – especially when you’re twisting and turning to paint in the corners – you risk falling. If you have vaulted ceilings, the risk is even greater. That’s why it’s best to leave painting the ceiling to the professionals.

Besides the safety risk, it can be difficult to get your ceiling to look just right. By hiring a professional painter, you’ll not only get the job done faster but you’ll also be assured to have a professional-looking finish.

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