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January 13, 2017

Humans spend about a third of their lives asleep, so it’s safe to say that you probably spend quite a bit of time in your master bedroom. If you don’t wake up feeling relaxed and at ease in your bedroom, it might be time to consider changing things around. The painting contractors here at Horner Painting of Fort Collins are ready to help you transform your space and turn your master bedroom into a room that you will happily return to at the end of your day. If you are looking for painting ideas, we are here to share some of our favorites with you.

Tying the Look Together

Does your master bedroom have a bathroom attached? What about a walk-in closet? The paint colors don’t necessarily need to be the same in each of these spaces; however, they certainly should complement one another and tie the look together. Choosing an accent color for one room and bringing that same color into the next room creates a natural flow from one room to the next.

Choosing the Mood

You’ve probably heard it time and time again, but your color selection will change the way your rooms feel. Brighter colors, such as red and yellow, add vibrancy and energy to a room. If you are worried about having too much of a good thing, select an accent wall to make bright and colorful while making the other ones more neutral. This can keep your bedroom relaxed enough for you to rest peacefully, yet still bring the energy you’re searching for into the space.

Be Guided By Your Passions

No matter what your favorite color may be, whether it’s green, yellow, blue or red, you can find a way to incorporate it into your bedroom space. Green and blue are particularly great for bedroom space, especially with a white trim. These colors keep the space soft and calm while still creating a vibrancy that will feel inspiring and uplifting.

Blue specifically is a natural choice for the bedroom, and it creates a beautiful background for any classic furniture pieces or artwork. If you are put off by a dark blue, that’s perfectly alright! There are plenty of lighter tones for those who dislike anything too dark or bold. No matter what your tastes, there is a blue that will fit in perfectly into your master bedroom.

For bolder colors, such as red, you need to exercise caution. They can still be used, of course, but they must be approached strategically in order to not overpower the room. Red is a stimulating color, as are yellow and orange. Try choosing a muted version of your favorites, or use them in the space behind your headboard or over large windows to give yourself breaks in the color. The professionals at Horner Painting can guide you when it comes to color selection, so don’t hesitate to ask!

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If you are ready for a new look in your home, it’s time to call the painting contractors at Horner Painting! We can create a space that will turn your master bedroom into a true oasis. Contact us now to learn more and set up an appointment. We provide service throughout Loveland, Fort Collins, and much of Northern Colorado!

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