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How to Prepare Your Corporate Space for Painting

July 20, 2022

Is it time to spruce up your corporate space? What better way to revitalize your building than a fresh coat of paint? Whether you’re taking on the project yourself or you’re hiring professionals, you should take the proper steps to assure your building is prepared. Painting the walls of your commercial building is a major investment so it’s vital that you do everything you can to prep for a smooth process from start to finish. 

Have a Plan in Mind and Secure a Quote

First things first, be sure to have a solid plan in place. Decide what color (or colors) you want for the commercial space. Draw inspiration from your company colors. Or you can go with neutral colors for more flexibility. Decide if you’d like to do an accent wall or mural during the planning process too. It might make sense to get this scheduled around the same time as your painting project in some cases. 

During the planning process, you might want to make a reference list. Include all of the walls and areas that need to be painted. You can also list what you did or didn’t like about your previous paint job. List out everything you can that might be helpful to the painting process. 

Once you have a concept plan in place, plot out your timeline. Decide when you will do the project. Block out roughly two to four days for the project depending on the size of your building. 

Get Other Repairs Out of the Way First

Before your paint project, it may be a good idea to handle any necessary repairs. Check the walls for any imperfections. Fill any gashes and holes in the wall. Look for water damage and replace any damaged drywall. Basically, handle any and all repairs that will affect your wall. The last thing you want to do after a fresh paint job is to rip out drywall for a repair. 

Clear Walls and Move Furniture 

Once your project day is close, clear your walls and move any furniture or items away from the walls. Be sure there’s a clear and accessible path to the walls for you or the painters. It’s also a good idea to cover up any items you really don’t want paint on. As careful as painters try to be, accidents happen. 

Clean Off the Walls 

With the walls cleared, take this time to clean them off with a damp cloth and mild cleaner. Dirt, grease, and other grim can disrupt the effectiveness of paint. Particles may also show up under the paint which may cause bumps and imperfections. To ensure the best possible end result, don’t skip giving your walls a good wipe. 

Be Sure the Building is Empty on the Day Of

Be sure to clear the building during your paint project. It’s not going to be cohesive for either your employees or the painters for them to share space during the process. Tell anyone who typically uses the building and anyone else who may be affected about the project at least a week in advance. It’s also a good idea to let any neighboring buildings or offices know about your plans. 

Need Commercial Painting Help in Northern Colorado 

If you’re looking for a trustworthy, skilled commercial building painter in Northern Colorado, call on Horner Painting! We are up for any project regardless of the size of your building. Our crew is ready to provide premier painting services for your business! We can’t wait to help you level up your space! 

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