Warm Neutrals

Creamy whites, neutral wood, and natural, warm grays are taking over the ranks for the hottest kitchen trends around. A kitchen space with warm neutrals can add a dose of coziness without subtracting from light or elegance. So if you want to achieve a warm, cozy feel in your kitchen, this is the trend to look at.

Dark Gray

Dark Gray is one of the hottest kitchen color trends out right now. Rich grey cabinets or walls deliver a bold, elegant look that never gets old. It’s a popular choice for interior painting. It’s also easy to match with home decor and appliances.


A white kitchen remains a popular color trend for any kitchen transformation. As a number one color choice, white offers a lot of versatility for your kitchen. Whether your walls, cabinets, or furnishings are all white, there’s a lot you can complement a white kitchen with. In addition, white interior paint can offer a lot of natural lighting in your kitchen.


Another timeless classic in paint colors, teal has come and gone over the years but it always finds its way back into the trends. And right now, it’s hotter than ever. Many homeowners are bringing their kitchens to life with the refreshing tones of teal. The earthy hues are perfect in kitchens since food is often on display. Teal is a great color to energize and uplift a small kitchen.

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