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Trends for Interior Painting in 2022

May 25, 2022

Paint is a subtle yet powerful interior design tool. It helps to invoke a certain atmosphere or ambiance that sets the stage for the rest of your design elements to shine. Every year, we see slight –or sometimes significant– changes in the most popular trends in interior painting. The year 2022 is no different! There are plenty of fresh ideas for sprucing up your abode with a modern, stylish interior paint project.  

What Interior Painting Styles are Popular in 2022? 

The name of the game in 2022 is lively! Interior design is moving away from all white, farmhouse chic and inching toward a more eclectic, colorful aesthetic. Even the most sophisticated designs are ditching muted tones for splashes of vibrant, bold color. This is true too of patterns, furniture, and decor at large. Hop on the latest trends with these painting styles

Color Blocking 

Color blocking in bathroom

Image Source: Houzz

Starting out with an especially striking trend, color blocking dives headfirst into the world of vibrant design. This style incorporates one, two, or more solid colors to create a bold visual statement. Walls and accents of bright blue, yellows, oranges, and more pepper a room in a unique, geometric fashion. If you want to try your hand at color blocking, scope out different areas that can be accentuated with color. Think alcoves, half walls, ceiling air ducts, and built-in shelves – get creative! 

Removable Wallpaper 

Wallpaper with jungle print

Image Source: HowStuffWorks 

Patterns are back and this time you don’t have to ruin your walls to commit to them! Removable wallpaper is changing the interior design game. While the wallpaper of our grandparents’ day was a hassle to take down when it came time to restyle the walls, removable wallpaper is a breeze to pull off. In the same vein as color blocking, removable wallpaper adds a dramatic sense of depth to break up the typical white walls of a home. It’s an opportunity to infuse the space with a sense of personality. And you don’t need to wallpaper an entire room to hop on this trend! Try installing wallpaper on an accent wall, alcove, or inside your cabinets. 

Contrasting Trim 

Green Trim on doorframe

Image Source: Benjamin Moore

Why leave trim the same color as the rest of the room when you can play with contrasting colors instead? The theme of vibrant, bold colors continues with your trim. Add an element of play and interest by choosing a color such as navy blue, olive green, or even stormy gray if you’re still reserved when it comes to brighter colors. A good rule of thumb for selecting a trim color is to choose a dark trim for light interior walls and a light trim for darker interior walls.

Color Drenching 

Blue color drenched room

Image Source: The Decorating Centre

We weren’t kidding – colors are in! In the loudest display of this trend towards more vibrant interiors, color drenching involved painting the walls, ceilings, and skirting a single tone. It offers a sort of cocooning effect while also making a room appear larger than it really is. In order to pull this off in a way that won’t be too overwhelming to the eyes, it’s advised to go for a more mid-strength color. 

Texture Washes 

Texture washed walls

Image Source: Havenly Hideaway

Texture is another major trend in 2022. Interior designers are leaning more and more towards texture washes when painting an interior. This can be achieved through using different brushstrokes, tools, and finishes. Limewashed walls are a particularly popular texture wash in 2022. It offers a nod to a more naturalistic, old-world style. Similar to plaster or stone, it lends itself to a softer aesthetic. Those seeking a more homey feel will love this trend. 

What Interior Paint Colors are Trending? 

Popular colors in 2022 graphic

We’ve done a lot of talking about color. But what colors exactly are popular in 2022 for interior painting? Let’s take a look at what colors are trending this year. 

Neutrals Tones 

Neutral tones never go out of style! Milky whites, off-whites, and creams all rule the day when it comes to a simple painting solution that will fit just about any aesthetic. This color family can cultivate a calm, relaxed interior while highlighting and lifting other hues incorporated throughout the room. To select the perfect neutral tone, focus on underlying colors in your design. Whether your space features green, pink, or yellow, there’s a muted, neutral version you can select for your interior walls.


We’re getting in touch with nature in 2022. Nature-inspired colors are a huge hit with interior painting this year. Sage green, terracotta, and jewel blue are more and more prevalent in interior design recently. When combining these color elements, pair deeper shades such as greens and blues with more grounded tones such as neutrals, browns, and whites.

Deep-Sea Blue 

Continuing with the nature-inspired colors, deep-sea blue is particularly popular in design right now. It invokes a soothing, coastal vibe. It’s an invigorating, bold option as a stand-alone color but when paired with hues such as white, green, grey, and orange, a whole new potential is unlocked with deep-sea blue. With its naturally uplifting quality, this shade is sure to breathe new life into any space. 

Modern Pastels 

Add a pop of color to your space with modern pastels. From teal to lavender, there are plenty of options to uplift your space and cultivate a luxe, energetic atmosphere. If you’re not quite ready to commit to a loud and proud color but you want to ditch the neutrals, pastels offer a perfect middle ground. If you do want to tone it back, choose a lighter shade on the paint chip to capture a more laid-back display of color. 

Black or Dark Colors 

Black is a timeless color typically popular in fashion and subtle interior design elements. But in 2022, black is a go-to option for interior wall paint. That’s right, the color that never goes out of style is making a major impact in interior design this year. A bit spooked by this brash design choice? Try out a darker color of a different shade instead. Smokey gray, stormy blue, and forest green are all wonderful colors that capture a similar essence as true black. Opt for a matte finish with any of these colors for a warmer feel and be sure the room you’re painting either has plenty of natural light or sufficient artificial light. 

How Do I Decide on an Interior Wall Color for Me?

Before taking the leap on any of the colors above, take stock of the existing tones or the desired tones of your space. Are you going for a cooler or warmer color palette? 

Are you thinking of going with a color-blocking motif? If so, try to go for two shades from the same paint chip strip. If you want to go for a more eclectic look, you can experiment with paints from different color families. 

A good way to select contrasting colors for color blocking or contrasting trim is to look at a color wheel. Pick one color and see what is opposite to it on the wheel. That will be the best mate for your color. 

Get a Professional Hand 

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